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Name: Sarah Piercey (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Tue Apr 8 21:51:52 2003
Comment: I lived in Port Rexton my whole life. i just recently moveds. My ancestry dates back to the Randells, some of the people in your book. And My great-grandparents live right next door to the place where your grandparents lived. They have all their lives and they still do. I checked out this page thinking I might recognize a few people. And i did. I recognized there names and faces. Please keep me posted!

Name: Cliff Brown (Homepage)
Country: Mount Pearl Date: Wed Mar 26 20:25:05 2003
Comment: Hey Terry, I have seen your web page grow over the last year or so, and I keep wondering if I know you, as I am orginally from Port Rexton. You would be a couple years younger than me. Anyho, Mom and Dad, Jim & Effie, knew your parents and they have some answers to who's in some of your pics. I will send you the list. Keep up the great work on a great page.

Name: Cathy Randell (Homepage)
Country: C.B.S Date: Wed Feb 12 00:47:24 2003
Comment: Hi wonderful site I am Mary Randell's sister I was up at Mary's the other night and she showed me the site.I have a good friend who is with the R.N.C and he found out a few years ago that he was adopted and his half brothers are Randell's from Port Rexton but alot of his family now live in Corner Brook.Oh by the way the man that adoped him is also from Port Rexton his name is Cecil Rex . Cecil has a sister Phoebe Rex that still lives in Port Rexton.I will try to find anything I can. P.S all of o

Name: mary senior (Homepage)
Country: long pond, cbs Date: Fri Feb 7 23:34:33 2003
Comment: i acesssed your site by searching randell family tree. very interesting. my maiden name is randell. my father is from port rexton. harold randell(his parents were charles and mary-jane randell)not sure if any of these people in pictures relatives but i will be showing this site to my father. maybe he would know some of these people.

Name: Barry Dewling (Homepage)
Country: CANADA Date: Thu Feb 6 03:51:48 2003
Comment: Loved your pictures.Mom an dad were Robert Dewling of Trinity East and Eileen (nee Bannister) of Port Rexton.Thank you for the memories.

Name: Randy Collins (Homepage)
Country: canada Date: Wed Feb 5 09:59:40 2003
Comment: I am from Champney' East, Father's name is Clide
now living in port hope ont. Found site by surfing around great pictures keep it up.

Name: Deanne Peters (Homepage)
Country: NFLD Canada Date: Wed Jan 22 07:36:34 2003
Comment: Very nice web site. I am descended from Richard Carberry and Ann Hogarth. Will add a little info later.

Name: rhoda randell lovdal (Homepage)
Country: Barrie, On Date: Tue Jan 21 07:59:53 2003
Comment: My son, Bruce Lovdal found you on the net. I am Almond Randell's daughter, Rhoda. Your grandmother Alice was my first cousin. I will check some info that I have and will e-mail what I have to add to your wonderful sight. Thanks for doing this, I just love it.

Name: Bruce Lovdal (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Jan 21 00:35:58 2003
Comment: Hey cousin! I was just poking around on the web and decided to check out Randell Genealogy. I am Almond Randell's grandson (who married Gladys Rex). Aunt Gertie Ash would be my great aunt. I'll point my mother Rhoda to your web site - she'll flip :-). For now, my home email is messed up, but I will post when back on-line. Good work, and it's great to connect with someone from our background.

Name: Pamela (Butler) Harris (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Wed Jan 8 05:49:40 2003
Comment: I just found your website by accident. Looks great. I am researching the Butler line from Robin Hood. Also I am researching Louisa Janes of Trinity East. This genealogy is very time consuming but well worth it. Good luck.

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