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Name: Karen Frank(nee Goldsworthy) (Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Wed Oct 1 09:29:02 2003
Comment: What a surprise to see my Grandmother, Phoebe Randall on a horse. She died when my father (Cecil Goldsworthy) was 3. So we have very few pictures of her. Thanks!

Name: Cliff Brown (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Aug 14 12:13:38 2003
Comment: Hey Terry, I heard you were home for a while. Hope you enjoyed it. I was out for a weekend while you were home but spent the weekend at my sister Darlene's wedding. You understand :o) The latest pic of Linda and Ron...Linda is my aunt.

Name: Danielle Vey (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Thu Jul 24 10:21:49 2003
Comment: This is a great site. I've been living in Port Rexton for all my life so far, and the pictures are beautiful. I'll be sure to pass your url around to everyone else in Port Rexton.

Name: Brenda Hiscock (Homepage)
Country: NF Date: Sat Jul 5 19:21:27 2003
Comment: Really enjoyed your web site. Will meet you and your family at champney's this summer.
Your cousin.(Daughter of Wilfred and Printzline Hiscock)

Name: Lydia Batson Woodcheke (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 17 15:23:26 2003
Comment: Loved your site. Pictures great. Visited "home" in 1947 and 1979. My family are the Longs of Chammpneys East and William Batson of English Harbor. Aunt Mildred Piercey (now deceased) was married to Israel Piercey of Port Rexton, sons Don and Mansfield. Have some old pictures I will send you.Didnt recognize anyone. It's been too long since I was there. Lydia

Name: D. Wrixon (Homepage)
Country: Toronto, Canada Date: Sat Jun 7 00:30:39 2003
Comment: Good luck with your search... it's doesn't look like you need it though... good job mate!
My ancestry is Dorset, England. Great grandfather John Wrixon Epworth, Burin in the mid 1800's. Wrixon's, Hardings, Pike's


Name: Tracy Goodman(Vokey) (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Fri May 30 22:56:59 2003
Comment: Good luck on your search

Name: Delphine Bannister (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Mon May 12 22:49:13 2003
Comment: Terry Great site! Ron really enjoyed it.My Email is not working right now . I was talking to Wanda she said you sent pictures of the kids I'll have see them later . take care del.

Name: Eldred Barnes (Jr.) (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Apr 13 00:05:01 2003
Comment: It was a tremendous pleasure to look through your photo album and your family tree. (It was a wonderful reminder of my younger days.)
I knew your father and your Uncle Ray. And, even though they were not my blood relatives, I always knew your grandparents as Uncle Charlie and Aunt Alice. They were great neighbours and an important part of my youth. I was much younger than your father but he and my brother (Frank Barnes) were great friends. Every time I return to my parents' home (nex

Name: sean ryan (Homepage)
Country: canada Date: Thu Apr 10 09:58:11 2003
Comment: great work on putting the site together

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