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Name: Joan Clifford Mistretta (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 6 11:09:34 2002
Comment: I was born in Trouty, Trinity Bay, Feb. 1, 1935. My mother was Myrtis Hunt. I now live in Hammondsport, western New York State after growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

Name: Clarence Dewling (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Wed Dec 4 14:13:17 2002
Comment: Thid site is worthy of being hailed as a history of Port Recton and a celebration of the families you have so ablily researched.

Name: dee (Homepage)
Country: canada Date: Mon Oct 14 07:56:16 2002
Comment: I am married to Gary piercey (father is Maxwell
Piercey, Grandfather is William Piercey from Old Perligan)

Name: Martin Hiscock (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Oct 6 00:17:01 2002
Comment: Thanks- Terry
Greaty Work, Love the pictures

Name: Barbara-Lynn Randell (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Wed Sep 11 02:30:16 2002
Comment: I'm from Port Rexton and I really enjoyed your site.

Name: Dawn (Homepage)
Country: South Africa Date: Thu Aug 15 14:48:57 2002
Comment: Fascinating. I am from a branch of the Hiscock family here in South Africa. Do you know anything about us?

Name: Grace Collins (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Fri Jul 12 02:52:15 2002
Comment: Hi Terry,

Congratulations on the birth of your new arrival.
You've got a great site, keep up the good work.

Name: Janice Hopkins (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 9 03:21:23 2002
Comment: Great Site

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